Praedicare Dx™

The Eutropics PraediCare Dx™ assay has been validated as a clinical diagnostic test in hematologic oncology. The platform provides a novel, in vitro method to identify when cancer patients are most likely to respond to certain therapies. Distinct readouts from testing biopsied patient samples prior to initiation of treatment will be used to provide the physician with actionable data for guiding the use of available treatment options.

PraediCare Dx (AML) Clinical Test

Our AML flow cytometry based assay is designed for testing readily available peripheral blood or bone marrow biopsy samples, which are typically obtained during patient diagnosis. Individual tests for several treatment options have been developed and validated in our CLIA-certified laboratory. Results from clinical studies have been published in high impact, medical journals. Larger scale verification studies are underway with pharma and academic collaborators.

PraediCare Dx (CLL) Clinical Test

For CLL patient samples, a fluorescent plate based version of the assay is used for testing patient samples. Initial clinical studies have identified new predictive biomarker biomarker algorithms that predict patient response to those treatments and that forecast on onset of certain adverse events in those patients. Larger verification studies are underway with pharma and academic collaborators to support reimbursement.