Predictive Biomarker Discovery

Eutropics’ PraediCare Dx™ provides prognostic and predictive information gained from an understanding of cancer cell survival mechanisms.

Eutropics’ proprietary platform integrates a fundamental principle of cancer cell biology into assays that provide more accurate and relevant information than existing companion diagnostic tests. Most current diagnostic tests rely on static measurements of cellular characteristics, including genetic abnormalities and protein abundance or modification. PraediCare Dx™ goes one step beyond and provides a functional read-out of several terminal steps in the process of drug response in cancer cells. The data collected from such functional measurements are partnered with clinical variables to feed our proprietary algorithms that provide predictive information on the outcome of a treatment regimen. Eutropics’ platform provides a more accurate way to guide the use of existing and experimental therapies.

Advantages of Praedicare Dx™ over other methods

Using a proprietary approach, PraediCare Dx™ interrogates responsiveness of patient tumor cells from liquid biopsies that are tested very soon after biopsy or viably frozen and tested immediately upon thawing. The readout provides a powerful surrogate biomarker that correlates with patient response to treatment.