Vision and History

Eutropics was founded in 2005 to apply a fundamental principle of cell biology to the discovery and development of clinical tools that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Our methods provide important insight into an individual patient’s cancer that enables the practical exercise of personalized medicine. We have been applying this insight to develop clinically useful in vitro diagnostic assays that enable the identification of individually-tailored therapies to patients.

Eutropics’ PraediCare Dx™-platform provides a biomarker technology for accelerating drug discovery and development. By aiding in the selection of patients who are likely to respond to treatments being tested, the platform can help to bring more effective drugs to the clinic at greater speed and at reduced cost.

PraediCare Dx™ is practiced under intellectual property held by Eutropics that protects our technology and allows for our entry into the commercial diagnostics market. The company has entered into collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and leading academic cancer centers in the U.S.A., U.K., and Canada to further develop the platform for helping guide patient treatment and improve outcomes.