Services Overview

Eutropics – Guiding Cancer Treatment in a Clinical Laboratory

Eutropics Inc., is an established CLIA laboratory, providing correlative IVD data for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostics companies.

Eutropics is supported by experienced scientists and project managers, bringing LDT and IVD tests from discovery through clinical trials. Eutropics provides functional biomarker discovery by evaluating apoptosis and immunology signaling pathways. Eutropics’ ability to develop custom biomarker assays that profile peripheral blood or bone marrow biopsies has provided valuable clinical utility in AML, CLL, MM, ALL, DLBCL, MDS and other heme-malignancies. 

Our unique approach has delivered tailored analytical and clinical tests, proven to add value to ongoing therapeutic clinical development programs and to pre-clinical MOA studies.

Flow Cytometry and ELISA-based Capabilities

  • PD-L1
  • PD-1
  • CD8
  • PDL-2
  • CTLA4
  • TIM-3
  • CD33
  • CD123
  • CD45
  • CD20
  • CD4
  • CD138
  • CD34
  • LAG-3
  • CD38
  • CD3
  • Annexin V apoptosis assay
  • Intracellular Bcl-2 family proteins measurement
  • Mitochondrial profiling (PraediCare Dx™)
  • Heterodimer-specific antibody test (PraediCare Dx 2)
  • Human Anti-Mouse Antibody (HAMA)