Press Releases

April 2019

Eutropics to present data at the 2019 AACR meeting in Atlanta, April 2, in a poster 3164 / 17 – Identifying Bcl-2 family protein dependencies in tumors using dimerization specific antibody biomarkers as a method for predicting response to apoptosis inducing therapies:

June 2018

“In combination with standard of care for acute myeloid leukemia: Zeidner, et al., “Phase II Study Incorporating a Novel BH3-Profiling Biomarker Approach of Alvocidib Followed by Cytarabine and Mitoxantrone in Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML),” EHA23, Abstract PF243. The trial design relied on selecting patients using a novel functional biomarker. Eutropics’ PraediCare Dx™ Noxa test provided the patient sample readout that revealed dependence on the anti-apoptotic protein MCL1. The data from the trial indicates that a majority of patients selected using Eutropics’ PraediCare Dx™ Noxa test achieved complete remission.”

April 2016

Eutropics to present clinical data on Praedicare Dx at the ASCO Annual Meeting 2016 in Chicago in an abstract entitled: Mitochondrial Profiling As a Predictive Biomarker for Response to Cytarabine-Based Treatment of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. The work has been selected for oral presentation in Hematologic Malignancies—Leukemia, Myelodysplastic Syndromes, and Allotransplant session on June 6th.

Eutropics to present clinical data on Praedicare Dx at the AACR Annual Meeting April 18th 2016 in New Orleans, In a poster entitled: Decitabine response in FLT3-negative AML is associated with mitochondrial priming, Abstract Control #3432.

November 2015

Eutropics’ data published in paper entitled: Mitochondrial Profiling of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the Assessment of Response to Apoptosis Modulating Drugs.

September 2015

Tolero Pharmaceuticals Executes Exclusive License with Eutropics for Novel Companion Diagnostic Platform PraediCareDx™.

April 2015

Eutropics will present clinical correlation data at the AACR meeting in Philadelphia, on April 21st in a poster titled: Mitochondrial profiling in AML patients treated with an Alvocidib containing regimen reveals MCL-1 dependency in responder bone marrow.

June 2014

Eutropics Laboratory Receives CLIA Certification Approval to Begin Clinical Laboratory Operations in Support of PraediCare-Dx™ Portfolio

January 2014

Eutropics and Tolero Pharmaceuticals begin a collaboration to develop a companion diagnostic for experimental CLL therapies.

December 2013

Eutropics Clinical response data is published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

May 2013

Eutropics to Present Data on Personalized Diagnostic for AML Patient Management at ASCO 2013 (Chicago).

September 2012

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals Approved to Perform Patient Samples Testing

May 2012

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals Receives United States Patent Number 8,168,755 entitled, “Antibodies specific to heterodimers of Bcl-2 family and uses thereof”

December 2011

Eutropics presents at the American Society of Hematology conference

November 2011

Eutropics wins Phase 2 NCI-SBIR grant to develop small molecule Mcl-1 inhibitor

November 2011

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals awarded NCI contract to develop companion diagnostic for guiding AML treatments

November 2010

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals will present at the NCI SBIR Investor Forum at Stanford University

September 2010

Eutropics will present as part of the Emerging Company and Innovator’s Showcase at the Life Sciences Summit 2010 to be held September 22-23 at SUNY at Stony Brook

September 2010

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals has signed a phase 1 contract with the National Cancer Institute, Small Business Innovation Research (NCI/SBIR) to develop diagnostic test for Multiple Myeloma

August 2010

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals Granted $1.9 M Phase 2 NCI-SBIR Award for the Development of Mcl-1 Targeted Therapeutic

September 2009

Boston Herald Writes: Boston lures two life-sciences start-ups including Ginko Bioworks and Eutropics.

April 2009

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals Receives Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Accelerator Program Award

June 2008

Eutropics Pharmaceuticals Granted SBIR Award for the Development of Oncology Theranostic Program